Outlyre Harp Fest


Outlyre Harpist Festval -


The Middle of Nowhere, Austria


23-26 August


For Harpists, By Harpists

Outlyre Harp Fest is a unique gathering of non-traditional harpists from around the world to detach from the stress of a big city and enjoy the limitless possibilities of harp music! We offer support and community to harpists who love exploring outside of the classical and traditional styles for which the harp is commonly known. We believe harp music should be played by many and enjoyed by all. Our desire is to continually foster new music for this ancient instrument we love so much and to support the players who keep the music alive. Please consider joining us for our first gathering! RSVP here or to: OutlyreHarpFest@gmail.com


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Presented By:

Top, Left to Right: Sabine James, Calvin Arsenia Bottom, Left to Right: Ivan Solas, Séverine Vidal

Top, Left to Right: Sabine James, Calvin Arsenia
Bottom, Left to Right: Ivan Solas, Séverine Vidal


Your Noble Hosts! 

Austrian harpist, Sabine James, has spent most of her life on the stage working in theatre, circus, cabaret and music. The inaugural Outlyre Harp Fest will be hosted in Güssing, Austria, Sabine's hometown

Calvin Arsenia, from Kansas City, USA, specializes in singing, songwriting, and improvisation. 

Multidisciplinary artist, Ivan Solas, explores film, visual arts like light-painting and puppetry in Minsk, Belarus. 

Séverine Vidal comes from Angers, France. Her world is musical theatre, improvisation, world music, harp and poetry, shows for children and last but not least firejuggling and harp.


Outlyre Courses and Workshops

Morning Improvisation - Each day of the festival will begin with a group improvisation.

Be Creative - One of our goals is to use the unique opportunity to set up group performances of all kinds incorporating our different harp-characters. Let’s be crazy and different and do whatever we feel good about to put a show together.

Performing With Your Harp - In this workshop, Sabine James will present useful tips on showcasing yourself along with your harp rather than simply existing behind it. 

Experimental Harp - Séverine Vidal will explore rhythms and body-percussions, sound-experiments and she will lead us through practical ways to easily create depth in your harp performance by creating interesting live loops

Singing with Harp - This workshop will present tips and exercises on the voice and creating arrangements for popular songs that we all know and love.

Dance, Juggling, and Movement - Sabine James and Séverine Vidal will lead a workshop on juggling, using the right and left side of the brain and working on right and left hand independence.

Dreaming and Goal Setting - In this time, we will have the opportunity to assess all that we have already accomplished in our careers, dream about where we see ourselves in the future, and using our skills and resources, make a strategic plan of action to make those dreams into reality. 

Lightpainting - Be a visual artist with Ivan Solas and Halina Savelyeva from Belarus theater Dom Solntsa

Outlyre Concerts for the Public 

Festival Opening Concert and Reception - Thursday night we’ll surely do an informal concert for ourselves, or more like a jam-session to meet everybody and get acquainted. Have a good time and just relax, enjoy meeting everybody and let your strings ring! 

Friday Night Concert (Kulturhaus Glasing) - We’ll spend the Friday in Glasing, a little village right next to Güssing and we’ll perform at the local Hotel-Restaurant ‘Der Silberne Hirsch’ The Outlyre Harpists will bring tunes and songs from around the world as well as our own compositions.

Saturday Afternoon: The Tale of the Moonbeam - Ivan Solas will present his show - an all ages storytelling performance with light drawing accompanied by harp. Enjoy his fairy-tale world and get yourself enchanted.

Saturday Night Concert (Fürstenfeld Stadtfest) - The Outlyre Harpists are not only musicians who play on a stage - how about joining a street-performance at Fürstenfeld Augustinerfest. An enchanting street festival ambiance and great fun is guaranteed. We will perform pop-up concerts as well as showcase our other talents. Participation wanted - creativity welcome!!

Sunday Night Concert (Burg Güssing - Burgrestaurant) - This final concert set on the medieval castle of Güssing will feature soloists and new collaborations by the Outlyre Harpists for a one time only immersive concert experience. Let’s show off all we’ve created!


€150 for the complete 4-day conference (€120 for Early Bird. Ends 23 July 2018) 
€40 per day


Güssing, Austria


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